Some Souptistics

Ok. Soupruary is over, but that left us some time to look through the blog and learn some things.

Number of nights: 29
Number of soups: 31
Number of guest hosts: 7 (covering 9 nights)

Total attendance: 268 diners over the 29 nights
Average turnout per night: 9.24 Soupruarians

The smallest turnout was two, by design, on Soupentine’s Day. The largest was 19 at Jonathan’s Mushroom Barley night. The Leap Night Soupinale was the second largest with 18 people.

Bowls of soup served: approximately 425-450
Volume of soup served: approximately 45 gallons

Best attendance records were as follows. In 5th place, Tina with 5 nights. Tied for 3rd place, Tiffany and Mark with 9 nights (8 shared appearances and one individual appearance each). In 2nd place, Jenna with 11 nights. And… In 1st place, John, our roommate who joined us for 16 of the 29 nights of the month.

Perhaps the most mind blowing stat is the number of unique Soupruary attendees. Counting everyone who came to any of the nights and ate at least one bowl of soup, there were 112 different Soupruarians. We ate soup with 110 different people in a month. I didn’t know I knew 110 different people, not internet friends, but actual living, breathing, soup eating people who joined us in person. Thanks for sharing soup with us!

Aron and Jackie