March 31st: Starch March

Soupruary celebrated breadth and depth spread over a month’s time. In comparison, the group in attendance at the last night of Soupruary envisioned solitary, intense evenings dedicated to one month themed food in excess proportion. And so it was with the inaugural celebration of Starch March. We waited until the last night of the month, so the starchy-ness of the offerings had to be serious. There was no time for a do-over.

Location: Our Starchy Apartment

Guests: Jenna, Victor, Anne, Helen, Andrew, Tavia, Jonathan, Louisa, Tore, Hillary, John, and us

The single starches
Fingerling Potatoes
Fried Plantains
Fried Yuca (with Garlic Aioli Mustard Dipping Sauce)
Black bean dip
Tapioka pudding

The multi-starches
Burritos -with wheat tortillas, black beans, pinto beans, roasted corn, and rice (also with non-starches cheese, chicken, sour cream, and hot sauce)
Super Starch Curry – with lentils, chickpeas, peas, potatoes, rice, and naan

The entertainment:
The deep fryer. Fried yuca is tasty. It’s like a delicious, flaky french fry alternative. This starchy delicacy was the perfect reason to try deep  frying for the first time. Among many other kitchen appliances, we have a “multi-cooker.” What is that? Well, a “multi-cooker” pot with its own electric heating element, temperature controller, drain basket, and lid, a versatile device useful for multiple cooking situations (in theory). It is a passable vegetable steamer AND a terrible rice cooker AND a fickle and imprecise crock pot AND can boil water in for pasta or a soup in intermittent spurts. It has the ability to under cook the top of things while burning the bottom. With all this previous experience, you would think one might not want to try deep frying in the “multi-cooker.” You might think having a quart of boiling 375 degree oil in this machine on your kitchen counter is something to avoid and you would be wrong. It turns out that deep frying is the only thing the “multi-cooker” is actually good at. It turns out that dropping starchy food into a vat of boiling oil is pretty entertaining and the results are pretty tasty.

Next up: Crepril
This once a month thing is pretty manageable.  You have weeks between blog posts (sorry about that) and a lot less shopping to do, so we’re sticking with it. Crepril is coming up this Saturday with a variety of sweet and savory offerings.