April 21st: Crepril

Crepril was one of the month+food celebrations that we were looking forward to the most. Possibly because it was a portmanteau that actually works well, possibly because we could combine it with our birthdays (so we made a creke!), or  possibly because we knew just how many jars of nutella our guests would bring. Either way, our friends agreed with us, and we crammed 25 people into our apartment for Crepril.

Location: Chez nous

Guests: Alisha, Anna, Anne, Cara, Chi-Fong, Dave, Hillary, Jan, Jenna, Jim, John, Jonathan, Karen, other Karen, Mark, Max, Rob, Tavia, Taylor, Tiffany, Tim, Victor, Zach, and us

Savory crepes with any of the following: spinach, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, cauliflower, cheese, onions and peppers
Vietnamese crepes (made by Jonathan)
Sweet crepes with any of the following: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, honey, whipped cream, powdered sugar, jam, nutella, nutella, nutella, and more nutella
Birthday Creke (crepes + cake), made with layers of strawberries, whipped cream, banana, and nutella

A vietnamese crepe:

Four jars of nutella:

And the creke:

The entertainment:
Watching the number of nutella jars on the table increase as more people walked in the door.

Additionally, we started cooking the crepes too late (as usual) and seemed to be perpetually short on crepes, especially as more people showed up. Aron was making beautiful crepes in one pan, but they were taking too long to keep our hungry guests satiated. Jackie convinced Aron to let her take over, and she started churning out not-as-perfect crepes on three pans at a significantly faster rate. Crepes came in three sizes based on the pan they were cooked on: tiny, reasonable, or extra large.

Lastly, blowing out the candles on the birthday creke was enjoyable.


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